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Your school's personal development support system

didbook is where teachers, school leaders, parents and learning partners work together to support every student's learning and personal development journey.
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One place for students to reflect & record, share & showcase their personal development journey

Reflect & Record
Students create reflective entries in didbook Applications (with text, photos and files) to record their achievements, activities and aspirations.

Share & Showcase
Students' didbooks are shared with their teachers who can then support and guide students on how to improve their didbook entries and better showcase their achievements.

  • My Future
  • Personal Statement
  • My Targets
  • My Subjects
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Enrichment Diary
  • My Skills
  • My Character
  • My Showcase
School Leaders

Discover, nurture and celebrate how students understand and express their learning and personal development journey

Looking at students' didbook entries is a convenient way for teachers get to know their students better - resulting in better learning experiences and better tutoring.

Teachers can discover:

  • what students feel about their progress and achievements in learning and life
  • how well they can understand and express their Education Identity
  • their aspirations for the future and what they're doing to get there
  • the holistic impact of their teaching: what made it into didbook?

Teachers add comments to didbook entries and use their new-found student knowledge to inform their teaching and nurture personal development.

Teachers can help students to:

  • identify achievements and skills they may have overlooked
  • improve the quality of thinking and expression of their achievements and Education Identity
  • make learning more engaging by relating it to each student's  interests and aspirations
  • see the connections between their learning, their Education Identity and their future.

Through didbook, students share and showcase all kinds of achievement: giving teachers new opportunities for positive reinforcement.

Teachers can celebrate:

  • previously hidden achievements from both in and outside school
  • 'soft' forms of achievement: such as effort, positive attitudes, skills and character development
  • the school's and their own contribution to each student's progress and Education Identity
  • the now visible contribution from parents, family & learning partners
School Leaders

Measure, improve and showcasethe personal development competence of your students and your school

The didbook Applications encourage students to create reflective didbook entries in all aspects of their learning and life - this means you can measure almost any area of school improvement.

didbook is consistent which means you can compare progress for individuals, groups of students, or your school as a whole. From this you can see the impact of your staff and learning partners.

didbook contributes directly to many school improvement agendas - such as target setting, capturing wider achievement and skills development.

It also captures and reinforces engagement with areas of school improvement it doesn't directly affect.

Measure previously vague improvement areas to set clear targets & expectations that focus and motivate your team.

From remarkable individual student entries to whole school didbook Insights, get new ways to showcase achievement - to help rally the troops, celebrate your team’s hard work and increase pride in your school.

Because this information is based on didbook entries created by your students, it is capable of withstanding robust scrutiny and more likely to impress governors or inspectors.

Strategic support from your assigned Education Identity Advisor

To help schools get the most out of the school improvement potential in didbook, we assign an experienced Education Identity Advisor to work with school leaders in each of our schools.

Together, we create relevant, simple and effective didbook strategies and bespoke didbook Insights tailored to each school's changing needs.

The Education Identity Platform

didbook is built on Sequential's Education Identity Platform. Find out about other products that use this platform:

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