Mondrian Wall

Strategic curriculum planning

The Mondrian Wall is an innovative application created by Sequential to actively progress your school’s improvement plans through visual, dynamic and holistic curriculum planning.

See at a glance, who is teaching what, when and how

By mapping units or schemes of work onto a dynamic visual grid, the Mondrian Wall shows you what is being taught and when. The interface visualises interdisciplinary links and collaborations and using simple colour coding, skills, themes and pedagogical approaches are highlighted across disciplines.

Released from disparate spreadsheets or bits of paper locked in cabinets, your curriculum becomes quick and intuitive to navigate and fun to explore.

Customised to your school

An experienced Education Identity Advisor works closely with individual schools to understand their needs to design and set-up custom Mondrian Wall plans and create a tailored Mondrian Wall implementation strategy.

This process continues beyond the launch - the Mondrian Wall is flexible and adaptable because your needs will change over time.

Every aspect of the Mondrian Wall can be customised for each school. So, as a result, a school's Mondrian Wall whole school view is like a unique, colourful, Education Identity fingerprint!

The Mondrian Wall is being used to map and plan frameworks and themes such as GCSE, English National Curriculum, SMSC, iGCSE, A-Level, IB (PYP, MYP, DP and CC), International Mindedness, AOI, Concepts, CfE (Es & Os, SALs), Skills (such as PLTS, TRICS, SfLLW and in-house Skills), FOSIL (Information Literacy), AfL and much more.

Look at your curriculum from different perspectives

By showing the whole school curriculum on one  screen, the Mondrian Wall gives an instant visual overview, but easy interaction enables users to quickly drill down from a high level view to individual unit detail.

There are multiple ‘views’ available which, along with instant searching, filtering, time-frame and subject selection, provide a variety of perspectives.

A whole school perspective

Focused on two departments

An individual student's subject choices

Benefits for Teachers

The beauty of the Mondrian Wall is in its  simplicity. Curriculum planning no longer has to be a daunting administrative task that only benefits school leaders or departmental heads.

The Mondrian Wall enables high level curriculum mapping that all teachers, and even their students, can be involved in and benefit from.

Easy to update

The Mondrian Wall is live and easy to update - so it enables regular, incremental updates rather than sporadic reviews.

Map collaborations

Discover opportunities for interdisciplinary teamwork - then map and visualise links as they grow and develop.


Forget about fiddling with spreadsheets: consistent structures mean you can focus on optimised planning.

Benefits for Curriculum leaders

Curriculum planning no longer has to be the daunting administrative task of managing static data locked as bits of paper in drawers, spreadsheets in each department or caged in a timetable.

With the Mondrian Wall, you can bring your whole school curriculum to life - make it more relevant, targeted and tailored to your school’s ethos, challenges and ideology (whilst still taking advantage of the resources and experiences you already have).

Centralisation and consistency

Instantly analyse and evaluate your curriculum 24/7 and bypass initial fact-finding efforts and meetings.

Holistic curriculum & Education Identity

Integrate enrichment and holistic development into your dynamic curriculum and develop your school's ethos.

Visual, dynamic audit and reflection

Mondrian Wall Insight shows user usage information and provides new ways to evaluate your curriculum.

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